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June 7, 2012

Searcy Arkansas Wedding Photography {Mr. & Mrs. Hall}

Congratulations to Meghan Teague and Caleb Hall on their May 5, 2012 wedding!  They were married on the campus of Harding University in Searcy, AR surrounded by their family and friends.  As wedding photographers, we seem to always take something away from every wedding we shoot.  Sometimes it is how beautiful the bride looked or all the gorgeous details or how much fun everyone had at the reception!  While all of those statements are true of Caleb and Meghan’s wedding, the moments that stood out to us had to do with relationships.  The relationship between Caleb and Meghan reminded us a lot of our own.  They have dated through high school and college and are young, but so much in love!  Taylor and I met while at church camp when we were only 14 and got married at 20.  Though we didn’t think so at the time, we were so young!  Something that I knew without a doubt in my mind and know to this day is that God made us for one another.  There is not another man that is more perfectly made for me.  Even though tough times will come and have come for us, keeping  faith and trust in God makes all the difference in marriage!  We will be celebrating 8 years in August and I pray that we have 60+ more together!  We pray the same for Caleb and Meghan!  Though they are at the beginning of their marriage and their love is strong, we pray that they love each other least on this day and that with each day that passes they can love each other more than the day before.

Another relationship that we will always remember is the one with Caleb and Meghan had with their parents.  What a blessing it was to watch how loving their families were!  It’s not uncommon for us to see the stress of a wedding day get to parents or to see strained relationships. All of that is actually pretty common, which is why watching Bode and Brenda with Meghan and Michael and Tammy with Caleb stood out so significantly to us.  It is really something that is hard to explain with words because it was just a feeling throughout the day.  The love seen through tender moments with Meghan and her dad especially stand out.  While we can’t put it into words, photographs just tell the story for us!  We hope to have the relationship with our daughter, Adalyn, when she walks down the aisle one day (… 30 years from now!)  that they displayed so eloquently.  We hope you all enjoy a few highlights from Caleb and Meghan’s wedding day and that the emotions of the day tell their  story.  Congratulations again, we had a great time with y’all and we pray God blesses your marriage!


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