Taylor Howard


December 15, 2012

Searcy, Arkansas Couples Photography {Eric & Ashley}

We photograph couples ALL the time for their weddings of course, but so many couples stop documenting their love for one another after the wedding!  We can’t tell you how many times during family sessions, the parents tell us how the last time the had their picture taken together was at their wedding…. 10 years ago!  Time is so short and God knows that we are only here for a brief period of time.  In the midst of the tragedy this week it makes us cling a little bit closer to the ones we love.  I know that as a mom I would grasp onto every photograph with every fiber in my being.  Without going into what happened on that dreadful day, my point is that life is short.  We hear every possible excuse in the book for postponing pictures for various reasons, usually having to do with losing a few pounds, etc, etc.  There is no time like the present to celebrate the ones you love! We love that Eric and Ashley wanted a couples session and included  cute little Tank too!  These two are so much fun and we love spending time with them!  We pray that God blesses this sweet couple beyond measure and that they never stop documenting their love for one another!

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Taylor Howard