Taylor Howard


April 16, 2013

Searcy, Arkansas Children’s Photography {Our Little Love}

We were blessed with a rare weekend off this past week.  So rare that the last Saturday we had off was when we got our Christmas tree…in NOVEMBER!  While we feel blessed to be busy, it was a much needed time of rest and family time!  We have been wanting to do a session with our little love, Adalyn, for quite awhile and we are so thankful that we had such gorgeous weather while we were off!  Our sweet little girl is growing so much and makes us laugh and smile constantly!  She is such a good little girl and if you ask her what Daddy and Mommy do at work, she will say “Daddy and Mommy take pictures of babies and princesses”…. yeah, we are the COOLEST parents ever!  Haha!  She also will say that she wants to be a photographer when she grows up!  We will see about that one, but we will be sure to always have a camera at her disposal…just in case 😉  We hope you enjoy a little glimpse into our life…..

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Taylor Howard