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July 12, 2013

Searcy, Arkansas Children’s Photography {Jane is ONE}

We have another precious, precious little one to share with you all today!  This beautiful little girl is Jane and she is turning ONE today!!! Happy Birthday!  We have so much fun photographing this age because they are just learning to walk and are FULL of personality!  Miss. Jane definitely had a wide range of expressions that would change in a blink of the eye!  You will see what I mean toward the end of the pictures especially!  Whenever we do a cake smash session, we are always curious to see how they are going to react. Some LOVE it and dig right in, and others not so much!  Jane was the latter.  She first looked up at her momma with a look of “are you sure about this?”, then took a bite of icing and didn’t want anything else to do with it!  She actually was trying to eat all the flowers instead of the cake!  For those of you who know the DuBose family, you understand 😉  They are our “granola” friends who help keep us healthy and we love them for it!  So it only makes sense that sweet Jane was trying to eat “all natural”!  Her favorite part of the session was playing in the bath tub, though she wasn’t too sure about it at first!  We are so thankful for Jane and the blessing she is to everyone around her!  May God bless you and keep you!  We love you sweet girl!

“Daddy Taylor” & “Momma Jenn”

Smash Cake: Sassy Sweets

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Taylor Howard