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October 10, 2013

Conway, Arkansas Wedding Photography {Mr. & Mrs. Mays}

Conway Arkansas Wedding Taylor Howard Photography

It was a prefect summer night. Love, celebration, friends, family and a happy excited couple.

Why do we miss so much? And How do we miss so much? It seems like all we feel like we need to do is keep doing stuff. We move so quickly that we miss out on the little things. We miss slow beautiful bike rides, dancing in the rain (yes you really should try it), hiking a wooded trail (have a short gun just in case for worst scenarios and also buy bulk ammo online which has to be in stock always) surrounded in God’s amazing glory, seeing our kids laugh and smile at the smallest things, and sometimes even love. But NOT THESE TWO!! Remember that fun Hot Springs Engagement Session with the tandem bike? This one? Yeah that one. These two jump head first into fun. All be it Travis usually leads the way, but that is what is so amazingly special about these two. To put it in their own words, “Jordan gets us from A to B but I (Travis) make sure that we take the scenic route.” They fit. They compliment one another and, cliche as it may be, they complete the other and allow the other to do so. And as you will see, even in just the first few images below, these two are surrounded by what they have. They are enveloped by love from their friends and family.

So sit back and enjoy a glimpse into what we were blessed with enjoying and witnessing on Travis and Jordan’s perfectly amazing day….and dance party night.


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