Taylor Howard


June 6, 2019

A Central Arkansas Newborn Session {Meet Jack}

Have we mentioned that apparently this week was baby boy week in our studio?  It always cracks me up that we get strings of all girls and then strings of all boys for newborn sessions. Makes me wonder about some of those old wives tales that’s for sure!  Yesterday morning we met another precious little man for the first time!  His big sisters we know well, and we photographed as newborns too.  We think they are all pretty adorable and we have loved this family since getting to know them as Joe & Jordan’s wedding photographers!  Getting to photograph these big moments and then when brides and grooms bring their babies to us… it basically means the world to us!  THANK YOU a million times!  We love the Hardin family & y’all make some adorable babies!

We hope y’all enjoy a few favorites from their session!  When planning for Jack’s session, Jordan shared an idea with us from Pinterest.  All photographers have a love hate relationship with Pinterest, but I will say when we get a request for a specific image especially with babies, MOSSSTT of the time we enjoy the challenge.  😉   The photo was a baby hanging from a deer mount and from the looks of the photo not done in a way we would deem as safe.  Taylor & I talked through how to accomplish this in the very safest way and if we were even willing to do it.  We have no problem saying no if we can’t be 100% sure we can do it safely.  So that said, scroll down and see our version of this image.  LOVE the way it turned out and that this is a super special image for this family.  Scroll to the very end and you will how we made it happen!  Remember not all images are as they appear and we often will use this method called composite images especially with babies.  Most of the time we just don’t tell you otherwise 😉 Happy scrolling!

The Howards

AND AS PROMISED….. some behind the scenes images of how we SAFELY accomplished the requested image.  It took FOUR photos just to create one image.  Now you know our little secret 🙂

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