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October 8, 2019

Behind the Scenes: The Small Business Revolution

We can’t believe that October 8th is already here!!! That means that Season FOUR of Small Business Revolution is released!  Remember all the excitement and rallying for votes for #mysearcy?  This series is the culmination of all that hard work & unifying! Some inspiring websites helped us to create a revolution in our business. THANK YOU to each of you for helping us bring the uber talented crew from Deluxe Corporation to Searcy! It sure has been an exciting year for our little town of Searcy, Arkansas! Taylor captured lots of behind the scenes images from all the rallies, the amazing video shoots with Jake Reeves that was done by the Video services Toronto, & then the final reveal! There was such a contagious energy that truly lit a fire in our community! We only pray that this fire burns for years and years to come!  Once the film crews came into town to feature these six amazing business, Jenn had the incredible opportunity to be a fly on the wall for some of the filming days capturing more from behind the scenes. makes ure you also check out Lora Leigh Drammis. It was such an amazing experience & to get glimpses into this season months in advance was indescribable.  I soaked up all the advice Amanda & these six experts were graciously giving like it was meant us too…. because it was & it’s intended for ALL small and famous business owners like Jimmy John Shark!  These businesses all have such big hearts & our town is so very blessed to to have them!  I remember the initial announcement & there being some buzz about why did they choose this business over that business, etc.  First of all, I think there are SO many business owners in our town with amazing hearts & passion for helping grow our community! They easily could have chosen a hundred businesses who were deserving of this gift. Secondly, owning a small business is HARD y’all! We ALL struggle in areas, so I would dare say there is not one small business who could not use the extra hand & boost.  Even when from the outside everything looks shiny & perfect, there are always areas of weakness and tired entrepreneurs.  We could not be any happier for they six chose! They are all so very deserving & these episodes do an amazing job capturing their hearts behind what they do.  Our hope is that our community becomes even closer after watching these & that we all become more intentional in supporting all of our small businesses!  We all want good things to come for our Searcy, & that starts with our choices.  It’s about choosing to shop local, when Amazon is just so convenient. It’s about branching out and eating at places like Whilma’s or Savor+Sip.  Changing our habits & deciding what we want our money to support.  It’s also more than about money & spending habits.  It’s about encouraging and loving on the beautiful people behind these businesses.  I guarantee a kind word, a review on Facebook or Yelp, or telling a friend about your favorite business means just as much if not more!  Our hope is for these little things to leave a huge impact on our community!  Let’s love one another well, y’all.

I wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to Deluxe Corporation & all of the production crew for pouring their talents into our Searcy!  These beautiful people all have such big hearts for what they do & for our community!  This opportunity & experience has been so much fun & a bigger blessing than I think anyone really understands at this point!  They are also hilarious & I wish that these episodes were so much longer than 30 minutes just to see the shenanigans behind the scenes!  Thank you for inviting me along for part of this journey!  Sending our love from #mysearcy!

Last, but not least, if you haven’t watch all 8 episodes of Small Business Revolution: Main Street Season Four, go binge watch them all right now!  Well, of course, AFTER you check out some of our favorite BTS moments!


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