Taylor Howard


April 21, 2020

A Harding University Grad Session {Madison}

There isn’t a single person not affected by Covid-19, but one group our hearts especially go out for is college seniors.  Even though most of us remember the last few weeks of college counting down the days until graduation, there are so many memories that helped in closing that chapter with a sense of peace.  We can’t fathom leaving for spring break & then just not returning and that being the “end” of your college years.  No time to say goodbyes and do all the “lasts” that help bring closure to a place that had become your home away from home and to strangers that have become family.  While we can only imagine what college seniors are going through, we do want to celebrate you and help you regain even just a little of what’s been stolen from you.  Creating images that bring back all the amazing memories made over the past 4 years is our honor.  We wish all 2020 seniors all the best and know without a doubt that this experience will strengthen you & make you cherish everything just a little bit more.

Today we are happy to share a few favorites from Madison Ceurter’s graduation session on Harding University’s campus!  We wish her all the best as her senior year comes to an end much differently than we’re sure she had imagined a few months ago. We hope y’all enjoy a peek into her session!

The Howards

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Taylor Howard