Taylor Howard


July 26, 2020

A Front Porch Session {DuBose Family}

We have the beautiful DuBose family & their front porch session to share with y’all today! This precious family is best friends of ours & we love them dearly. We have come a LONG way from the days of putting both of our one year old little girls to bed just so we could stay up late and watch funny movies, while Ben & Em recited every word, and we’d laugh the entire time!  We’ve shared many laughs and made wonderful memories over the years and added a couple of kids along the way.  These are our people. The ones that encourage us, pushes us to be better, & knows our many weaknesses and love us anyway.  We love this family & are very thankful for them!  We hope you enjoy a few favorites from their most recent session!

The Howards

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Taylor Howard