Taylor Howard


August 11, 2012

Searcy, Arkansas Children’s Photography {Our Sweet Adalyn}

We have to admit that we aren’t the best at making sure we do sessions with our own daughter!  Of course, we always have a camera on hand and have TONS of photographs of our sweet girl from day to day, but actually taking the time out to do a session with Adalyn, is a whole other story! We seldom have a hard time with other children during sessions to get them to look at us and smile, but I guess being a photographer’s kid means you don’t want to do anything daddy or mommy asks you to!  At least we’ve passed the stage of Adalyn putting her hands over her face every time we picked up a camera!  Now it’s just, the zoned out fake smile that we are contending with!  We had lots of fun though being silly and getting lots of great shots of her many expressions!  (We may or may not have also bribed her with ice cream ;))

Lately, we have been more conscious of the fact that she is growing up WAY entirely too fast for our liking and we want to capture every possible second and hold onto it for dear life!  Which is why we just had to get some pictures of her!  This is a big week in our house for Adalyn for several reasons.  On Tuesday she begins two new adventures!  First of all, she begins her very last year of preschool at Harding Academy, which means we are getting so close to starting kindergarten next year.  Thinking about it makes me want to cry for a week (Jenn, not Taylor ;)), but I am excited for her and I know God has BIG plans for our little girl!  Also, on Tuesday is her very first ballet class!  She loves, loves, LOVES dancing and singing, so this is something we know she is going to definite enjoy!  We were kind of hoping for a little soccer player, but if you know Adalyn, she would be the kid twirling around picking flowers during a soccer game!  So, we are embracing her little personality and letting her blossom into whomever she is meant to be!

We hope you enjoy Adalyn’s before school session!  We can NOT wait to get some of these printed and on our walls!  YAH!!


  1. This sweet Girl is Adorable. I can tell you first hand my little ones completely ignore anything I hope they will do when I pull out my camera. I know how tough it can be but you both did awesome. It goes by all to quickly. Tell that sweet girl she is Precious!!!! 😉

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