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September 21, 2012

New York City Proposal and Engagement Photography {Austin and Chelsea}

We are incredibly honored and blessed when any one approaches us about photographing their engagement!  This is such a special and awesome time, and we are always so excited to capture these special memories for our couples.  So, when Austin called us a few months back and asked us to be apart of his surprise proposal to Chelsea and on top of that surprise engagement session, we were SO excited!  Oh yeah and he mentioned that he wanted to propose in Central Park!  Yeah, that didn’t take but a half a second for us to get on board with his idea!  We love that Austin is a dreamer and the best part is that if he dreams it up, he will follow through with it!  He told us about how he has traveled all over the US going to many major league baseball parks, and that he only had one park left on his list before he wanted to get married.  Yankee Stadium was the last one on his list and he wanted to make this trip extra special!  He spent MONTHS planning every detail of this trip so that it was perfect for Chelsea!  Austin kept the whole trip a secret from Chelsea until the night before they were to fly out of LIT!  He told her that they were going to a Yankees game and going to spend the weekend in NYC!  At this point I think most girls would be thinking about the possibility of a proposal, right??  This is where Austin being a dreamer and spontaneous really played in his favor, because she had NO idea what was about to take place!  Austin, Chelsea, and Chelsea’s AMAZING sister Katherine, flew into Laguardia Airport on Friday afternoon.  After experiencing the insane taxi ride to the hotel, they dropped off their luggage and headed to Central Park!  Katherine was our fabulous undercover contact for the weekend.  She convinced her sister that she just HAD to see Bow Bridge in Central Park because it has been in lots of movies and Taylor Swift sang on that bridge (we aren’t even sure if that is true or not… haha!).  Hungry and tired from the flight, Chelsea reluctantly agreed to go see this stupid bridge her sister wanted to see.  I think that she is glad that she agreed to go, because on that bridge Austin pulled her close to him and got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife!  It was a sweet and emotional moment with Austin shaking and Chelsea in complete shock, but she did manage to say YES!  Taylor and I were there to get every tear and embrace!  We had so much fun with our little covert mission, and we are so glad that everything went off without a hitch!

The proposal was only the beginning of the surprise!  Austin told Chelsea that we were there to also photograph their engagement session in NYC!  We were with them the whole weekend!  I think it took at least an hour for the reality of it all to sink in because Chelsea kept whispering to Austin, “Is this really happening?!”.   We LOVED being able to capture all the new and real emotion in their engagement session!  We walked all over Central Park and Manhattan for their session to get so many unique (at least to us Arkansans) photographs.  As we all got back to the hotel we were staying at, The Sanctuary, we decided to go check out the rooftop for a few more pictures!   We LOVE how these turned out!  Austin had made dinner reservations for the two of them at the beautiful River Cafe that sits right below the Brooklyn Bridge.  The following day was game day at Yankee Stadium and we were there to document it all!

We are so grateful that we had this opportunity to get to know this couple better and we can’t wait for their May 17, 2013 wedding in Dallas!  Enjoy some highlight from the weekend and be sure to leave this fabulous couple a note of well wishes below!


  1. Tammy Click says:

    Hey! Austin and Chelsea, Congratulations! We are so Blessed to have you in our lives and look forward to your Bright future together! I love you both so much! Mom

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