Taylor Howard


April 4, 2013

Arkansas Photographer {then there was backpacking}

And then there was backpacking. It really is too rare when I have a weekend to do something let alone one long enough to take a backpacking trip with some of the best men I know. But it all happened back in February. Yes I know it is April. Welcome to my life. I am just now really getting to these. And to be honest, as I’m writing this, I really should be working on a wedding but I want this to be shared.

I spend most of my days right here, right in front of the computer. Most people think that as a photographer I am always just out taking pictures and enjoying wedding receptions. Yeah not really what happens. So when I have a chance to get back to the outdoors I do what I can to take it. As you might be thinking about a backpacking trip in February it was cold. The night was long and cold. The sleeping comfort level was about a 1 out of 10. Ok maybe a 0.5 out of 10. It was COLD but it was refreshingly so. It was great to be in God’s creation. It was amazing to breath the COLD FRESH air that ran through the leafless trees. It was great to be without so much comfort. God gave us so many great things. We are a blessed blessed nation. But sometimes one of the best things you can do is leave that comfort behind and seek what he first created. If you aren’t there you’ll never see it. There are moments from this trip that I’ll never forget and I hope you get a little look at some of those moments through these images. So enjoy a little look at our 4 mile trip into God’s country. God Bless!!!

If you aren’t there, you’ll never see it.  Witnessing this early morning snow was amazing.

Go explore. Get away from what you do and do something different. It can inspire.



  1. John White says:

    These are amazing Taylor! And your words are so important for everyone to remember. Sometimes we have to just break out of our normal routine and go explore a little. Huge thanks to Tim Dawson for putting this all together!

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Taylor Howard