Taylor Howard


June 22, 2013

Little Rock, AR Engagement Photography {Corey & Chelsea}

We know you couldn’t get enough of Corey & Chelsea from the first part of their engagement session a few weeks ago! So, we are happy to share the second half with you this evening!  After several attempts of rescheduling due to rain, we had decided to go ahead with their first session knowing that it was going to be a rainy, yucky evening. We were patient and waited, and waited a little longer for just the right evening that Chelsea had been dreaming of for their engagement session! So glad we did, because WOW!  We just can’t fake an awesome sunset like this! Being patient definitely paid off, even considering the amount of ticks we got in to! Be sure to leave a little message for Corey and Chelsea below!  Enjoy!


  1. Travis Goodman says:

    I would like to know your pricing and details for an engagement picture session.

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Taylor Howard