Taylor Howard


July 19, 2013

Central Arkansas Children’s Photography {Ryan & Lily}

We have one special family to share with y’all today!  Mark and Nikki are hands down the funniest, sweetest, and most selfless people we know.  We first met Mark last May when he was a groomsman in Aaron & Allison’s wedding. He was the funny groomsman who kept everyone in good spirits and made our job easy 🙂  When we got a call from him last September about doing a family session, we were excited because we knew his wife must be one awesome woman! We were right and we have LOVED getting to know them over the past year! After years of being foster parents, Mark and Nikki were given the opportunity to adopt TWIN babies! Being born prematurely and in the hospital for months, Ryan and Lily  were blessed to come home to the most loving parents!  I know that Mark and Nikki would insist that they are the blessed ones, but for anyone that knows them will tell you that they have been such a blessing to these sweet special needs babies!  We have been blessed to watch them grow and change over the past year!  From their first family session, to a Christmas session that was cut short due to a very sick little Ryan, Valentines Day session, First Birthday session, and their latest Summer session!  My how they have changed!!!  As those of you who have been through the adoption process or know someone who has, knows that it is a process! We are thankful that a few months ago their adoption was finalized and that we can now share ALL these sweet images with you!

  1. Debra Hefner says:

    You have done a beautiful job with these pictures of Ryan & Lilly my grandbabies.

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Taylor Howard