Taylor Howard


July 24, 2013

Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photography {Mr. & Mrs. Harvey}


Happily Ever and an After.  We have such a fun blog post for you all today!  We finally get to share David and Laura’s wedding images from March 16, 2013 in Huntsville, Alabama!  David and Laura opted for a short and sweet wedding , since they had to catch their flight to Europe for their honeymoon!  So, they opted for an after session instead. Four months after to be exact! I don’t think they could have possibly imagined what four short months could hold, but they have been through so much!  As any good fairy tale has taught us is that the princess rides off into the sunset with her prince charming …”and they live happily ever after”!  Only one problem with this… it’s not real life!  In the real world life happens. Loved ones get sick and they pass on to the real “happily ever after”, heaven.  David and Laura have learned this lesson faster than any newlywed couple we know has.  Laura didn’t just lose one loved one, but two grandmothers in their four short months of marriage.  She has also had to deal with her own health problems during this time. Read More Here to know about the clinic that helped her to overcome all the hurdles successfully.  I can not even imagine, but here is where the fairytale can’t compare.  She had her prince charming by her side every step of the way, comforting her, supporting her, and loving her unconditionally!  That beats any fairytale in my book! We know God has great thing in store for David and Laura and we pray that the rest of their first year is an uneventful one to say the least! Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your day and to tell your story through our images.  Also, if you haven’t seen their romantic December proposal, click HERE!  Enjoy!

  1. Ruth Busby says:

    Absolutely a beautiful story of a special love. I’m so very happy for you both! Wishing you many happy years together. David I know you waited a long time to find the right woman to be your Christian helpmate and I see that you found her.

    Ruth Busby

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Taylor Howard