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This week’s theme for the 52 on Friday project that we are participating in was “Stormy Weather”.  Lucky for us, God decided to open up the heavens today!  When I saw this week’s theme I thought about ideas like Lightening shots or Puddle Jumping.  I strongly considered the latter, but my subject (our sweet Adalyn) […]

52 on Friday Project {Week 10- Stormy Weather}


This week in Project 52: I am Lion, Hear me ROAR!! See what others thought about the subject matter this week starting with the Mr. Mark Gregory!!

Searcy Photographer { Project 52 – LION }


Project 52.7 together Remember to live out your marriage together!! Love Together, Live Together, Hope Together, Wish Together, Play Together, Hold on Together, Find Life Together… We still have to fight each day to stay together. Never stop living your life and finding GOD together. God Bless!!! Check out the rest of the circle starting […]

Arkansas Photographer {Project 52- Week 7}


The theme for this week’s Project 52 was “Black and White”.  I took this photo earlier in the week of our sweet Adalyn before school.  I have been trying to take a picture of her every Tuesday with her show and tell item for Carpenter’s Kids.  Since I already had this shot and loved it, […]

Arkansas Photography {Project 52- Week 4}

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