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March 9, 2012

52 on Friday Project {Week 10- Stormy Weather}

This week’s theme for the 52 on Friday project that we are participating in was “Stormy Weather”.  Lucky for us, God decided to open up the heavens today!  When I saw this week’s theme I thought about ideas like Lightening shots or Puddle Jumping.  I strongly considered the latter, but my subject (our sweet Adalyn) has strep throat for the 5th time this year!  Soo I went back to the drawing board!  Then I remembered something I did as a child during every thunder storm.  I was not the typical kid who was scared of storms, I LOVED them and still do!  Every time it stormed I would grab a big blanket and wrap it around myself, and then I would sit at our back screen door to watch it rain.  This memory is one of the first ones I can remember back to from my childhood.  I guess I still kind of do that now as an adult.  Every time it rains and if it’s not too cold, I open up the windows to listen to the rain.  It calms me and just makes me happy!  After I had opened up the windows this morning, I couldn’t help but think back to my childhood when I saw our daughter, Adalyn, and a little boy I babysit for, Carter, watching the rain out our living room window.  How sweet are they!  And yes, the little boy is holding a Barbie, but let that be our little secret, okay?  We have definitely enjoyed the beautiful sunshine the past few weeks, but every once in awhile a rainy day is just what we need!




Remember we aren’t alone in this year long project!  Be sure to head on over to Simple Treasures blog to see what Laura came up with!

  1. Mandy says:

    Love it! They are so cute!

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